Wulong - No down-time, just non-stop action with bluffing and betting

Wulong is a dice game for 2 to 5 players aged 10 and up. It is based on the well-known dice game »10,000«.

The active player rolls the dice without revealing the result. The other players try to gauge the final score, choose their betting cards accordingly and place their bets before the dice are revealed. Making the right assessment of the final score can win you a fortune. The active player must deliberate when to end his turn to either win big or lose it all. The player rolling a Wulong (5 dragons in one go) or the player who accumulates the largest fortune wins the game.

What's in the box?

• 1 dice cup
• 5 custom dice
• 1 scoring table
• 20 betting cards (5 sets grouped by colour)
• 5 all-in/safe cards
• 128 chips (32 x 500; 48 x 1,000; 36 x 5,000; 12 x 20,000)

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