New releases in 2017

Wulong - one player rolls the dice, while the others place a bet on the throw. You bluff and gauge the others to win or lose it all. A simple game to play, with no waiting, just non stop excitement. And if you run out of money, don`t worry, just wait for your turn to get more cash and keep on going! May the luckiest devil win!

20,00 Eur

Chow`s 11 - Chow’s 11 takes Wulong to an entire new level. Challenge your skills in big casinos with your expert team to win money and keep ahead of the crews of the other players. What are you waiting for! Hire your crew, play smart, operate ruthlessly for victory and a big pile of cash!

Note: Chow’s 11 is a Wulong expansion and the base game is required.

10,00 Eur

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